TEO : Nominees to the Board of TEO LT, AB

TEO LT, AB (hereinafter ‘the Company’ or ‘TEO’) from the largest shareholder of the Company, TeliaSonera AB, which holds 88.15 per cent of the Company’s shares and votes, received a letter with the list of nominees to the Company’s Board for the current term of the Board instead of members of the Board Malin Frenning, Jens Lööw and Mats Lillienberg who are resigning from the Board as of 28 April 2014. The resigning members of the Company’s Board from April 2014 took new positions at TeliaSonera AB, which are not be directly related to TEO.
Robert Andersson (born in 1960) is Executive Vice President and Head of Region Europe at TeliaSonera AB, Sweden. Education: Master of Business Administration, International Business, George Washington University, Washington DC; Master of Science, Accounting/Finance, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki. Current Board assignments: member of the Board of Enea AB, Sweden. He holds 10,000 shares in TeliaSonera AB and has no direct interest in the share capital of TEO LT, AB.
Stefan Block (born in 1967) is Chief Financial Officer of Region Europe at TeliaSonera AB, Sweden. Education: Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration, University of Stockholm, Sweden. He is not involved in activities of other companies and has no direct interest in the share capital of TEO LT, AB.
Claes Nycander (born in 1963) is Chief Technology Officer of Region Europe at TeliaSonera AB, Sweden. Education: Master of Business and Administration, Uppsala University, Sweden; Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University Palo Alto (U.S.A.); Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Linköping, Sweden; Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University of Linköping, Sweden. Current Board assignments: member of the Board of Systecon AB, Sweden. He has no direct interest in the share capital of TEO LT, AB.
Following provisions of The Governance Code for the Companies Listed on the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius stock exchange nominees upon election would be regarded as non-executive member of the Board.
The documents possessed by the Company related to the agenda of the Meeting, including draft resolutions, are available at the headquarters of TEO LT, AB, Lvovo str. 25, Vilnius, Lithuania, or at the Company’s internet website www.teo.lt.
This news release was distributed by GlobeNewswire, www.globenewswire.
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